Friday, November 4, 2011

Facilitate Spirit

One of the many things I have on recurrent mental-reminder rotation is to "facilitate Spirit." I view "Spirit" as the universal consciousness, or soul, from which all living beings have sourced their own, and to which all living beings contribute their own. From this vast wealth of grace, wisdom, and abundance, I believe we can all draw, in order to achieve our goals. However, It is not something to be harnessed, but rather to be facilitated. There are essentially two ways in which we can do this.

The first way is to stay out of Its way! When we conduct our lives in harmony with the Universe, we leave open countless doors for Spirit to integrate into our lives. We ought to keep open hearts, open minds, and open eyes; we will find more blessings, the more open we remain to the opportunities presented to us. We have to be willing to allow Spirit to operate in our lives, which often means relinquishing some control, and accepting the blessings bestowed upon us.

The second way is to be Good - we must embody Goodness. When we are angry or selfish, or otherwise embodying "bad," we are not receptive to Good, and are, therefore, inhibiting the flow of Spirit into our lives. This, also, involves a harmonious conduction of our lives, in sync with the Universe. When we are angry, and send venomous thoughts out through our minds, words, or actions, we are acting in ways that counter the efforts of Goodness. I frequently catch myself witnessing a poorly thought-out event, and wishing for the culprit to experience the most likely negative result, as though such a lesson would obviously do them some good. But then I have to shake that off, and remember to just wish them some good, because spreading the Good, will increase Its presence in my life, and who am I to presume how the Universe will most effectively deliver Its Good? We should act in accordance with our values. Having compassion in lieu of criticism, for example, is one way to aid Spirit in bringing the Good into your life, as well as into the lives of all others.

When we facilitate Spirit, our lives are enriched, our joy is enhanced, and our well-being is strengthened. So let's all pitch in and do our best to help out ;)

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