Friday, February 8, 2013

Saint Valentine

Legend has it that while the Roman Empire was seeking to develop a citizenry of soldiers whose duty was directed solely to the Empire, and not to some other god, nor to family, Saint Valentine continued to perform the then illegal marriage ceremony, and was killed for such treason, on February 14th.

Having been told this story since my youth, I have always considered St. Valentine's Day not just as a Hallmark holiday of lovey-dovey hearts and ooey-gooey romance, but as a day to commemorate the human dedication to interpersonal commitment.

It occurs to me this year, that I would like to celebrate this special day with gratitude for the nature of our present society in which we favor love. We are allowed to marry, or to not marry. We are not subject to arranged marriages for familial economic benefit, nor are we banned from marriage. We have the freedom to chose to whom we wish to commit, or to not commit. (And though the fine print still needs some ironing out, and a few localities remain with their heads in the ground, this is increasingly true for individuals of differing ethnicity, and for those of the same sex.)

I have recently rejoined the community of singles, and although it is a bittersweet position, I can smile on this holiday for the ability to exercise my right to pursue my very own happiness :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter doldrums

As the grayness lingers on, I find myself moping a bit. Yet, between the rain drops, I am inevitably performing the Winter duties of internal polishing. It's almost as if the sun-less depression acts as a scouring brush to help me clean up the abandoned pieces of myself. I am so grateful for my ability to do this! It may not feel so uplifting as the days drudge on, but I know that once the warm brightness returns to my world, I will be sparkling all throughout.

I've discovered that some of the discarded bits I've found are aspects which I have cast aside on the influence of others. As I regard these battered gems, I am incited to restore my Self and renounce instead those beings who moved me to such self mutilation. It is no easy task, though I am distinctly stronger as whole than fractured. Reclaiming all the pieces of my soul, and embracing my supposed weaknesses as strengths, is my Winter job, and I am fortified by the exercise every time.

Someday, I hope to live someplace with year-round warmth - I wonder what will spur my shadow work then... but I trust that I will always find a way to grow :)