Saturday, December 15, 2012


Life is paradox.

Another Peck gem, he artfully illustrates that this truth is best met with embrace. We must not seek to obliterate one extreme in favor of its counterpart, but affirm both the light and the dark, and seek balance. The miracle of life is its persistence alongside entropy. I have always valued balance and made it a priority in my life, as I found it a crucial element to my inner peace and happiness. Therefore, I have deep appreciation for this broader view of it: that everywhere in existence we find paradox, and that it is not meant to be solved, but to be balanced.

We're all familiar with the dichotomies of good vs. evil, and emotion vs. rationality, and I've mentioned the dilemma of prioritizing current possessions vs. desired possessions. However, these opposing forces are not meant to fight out battles of elimination, rather we are meant to seek out ideal harmonies among them. It's not about banishing the darkness for the sake of the light, for those who live in the light will always cast shadows; it's not about listening to your head OR your heart, it's about informing each with the other; and it's not about appreciating your gifts at the expense of your dreams, it's about utilizing gratitude to manifest abundance.

Recognize dichotomies as paradox, and pursue equilibrium.

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