Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winter doldrums

As the grayness lingers on, I find myself moping a bit. Yet, between the rain drops, I am inevitably performing the Winter duties of internal polishing. It's almost as if the sun-less depression acts as a scouring brush to help me clean up the abandoned pieces of myself. I am so grateful for my ability to do this! It may not feel so uplifting as the days drudge on, but I know that once the warm brightness returns to my world, I will be sparkling all throughout.

I've discovered that some of the discarded bits I've found are aspects which I have cast aside on the influence of others. As I regard these battered gems, I am incited to restore my Self and renounce instead those beings who moved me to such self mutilation. It is no easy task, though I am distinctly stronger as whole than fractured. Reclaiming all the pieces of my soul, and embracing my supposed weaknesses as strengths, is my Winter job, and I am fortified by the exercise every time.

Someday, I hope to live someplace with year-round warmth - I wonder what will spur my shadow work then... but I trust that I will always find a way to grow :)

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