Saturday, December 21, 2013

New intentions for a New Year

Although we mark the new year by our Gregorian calendar, on January 1st, today is the Winter Solstice, which denotes the end of the lengthening night, and the return of increasing daylight. My spirits are so renewed on this day, that I find it as good as any to get a head start on plans for the New Year.

A few years ago, I was introduced to a new take on New Year's Resolutions, where instead of resolving to do something differently, we set intentions to shoot for our dreams. The idea includes choosing an intention - the biggest, boldest one you're comfortable with - as well as a theme, so you have a sort-of soundtrack to keep you on point, and you also decide on one or a few outmoded thought patterns to shed.

When I went into my file on these to prepare for my 2014 intention, I browsed through past years, and was pleasantly surprised by last year's - I had completely forgotten I'd written this!

I am a bad-ass, and I'm not going to confine my strengths with distress over my flaws, which are the source of my humanity. I am exceedingly responsible; I am not responsible for the feelings or actions of others. I am self-reliant; I don't need the approval of others. I maintain my power by taking responsibility for my self.

How profound! I am so proud of myself for the insights I glean from time to time :)

This year, I have set the following:

In 2014, I will manifest all my dreams.

2014 Intention: Attract the good life
2014 Theme: Power

I am an exceptional being; I deserve to have the things I want - such as a hostel, romantic companionship, and opportunities to travel. I appreciate the things I have - such as my unique self, my family of friends, my dog, home, car, job, and money. I am a powerful being, filled with Omni's divine creativity; I am grateful for what I have, and I can and will expand it as I envision.

In 2014, I release my urge to control the process.

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