Wednesday, January 1, 2014


As I step into 2014 armed with intentions to manifest my dreams by tapping into the creative powers of the Universe and relinquishing my desire to control them, 2014 has indicated its own intention to be the year of Serendipity.

Serendipity is the marvelous union of unexpected and fortuitous. Personally, I find each instance to be like an omniscient wink from Omni. It falls in line with Synchronicity, as well, which I take as warm Omni hugs :)

I find this revelation to be remarkably splendid, as I shall now set to occupying my inner busy-body with the task of noting serendipitous occurrences, rather than attempting to micromanage. Although serendipity is said to occur when one is looking the other way, beneficial happenstance is often overlooked, and I believe one can tune his or her awareness to an optimistic frequency. They say people's perceptive filters have a tendency to find what they seek - what a superb way to fulfill one's prophecy!

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