Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stumbling along

There is a web feature to which I was recently introduced, much to my pleasure, and somewhat to my dismay, for it has a wondrous capacity for intrigue, entertainment, and education, as well as a monstrous ability to devour time out from under you. It is called StumbleUpon. You sign up - for free - and select all the interests that apply to you, and then, you "stumble." It brings you endless pages of customized fascination, any of which you can "like" and thereby store in your "favorites" for future reference, or even "share" with your pals on twitter or facebook. It's sickeningly wonderful.

Here are some of my favorite discoveries so far:

The Cool Hunter
Craft Gawker

Qwerty Beats


from a cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula
Aurora Borealis over Iceland
city of temples: Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)
terraced rice fields in Yunnan, China

Come to think of it, I may have found some or all of those images in my National Geographic - Photo of the Day gadget on my iGoogle page... Whatever; point is: the web holds some pretty amazing gems.

Speaking of which, I'd like to take this opportunity to plug a web-based project of my own. The website is carveyourpath.com, and it's a travel-oriented site, intended to provide backpackers and eco-tourists with a wealth of resources at their fingertips, all in one spot. If you are at all interested, or know someone who would be, please check it out. If you have ever been somewhere - ANYWHERE - which you would recommend others see/visit/experience, please use my recommendations form to send me the details, and I will include it on the site. It's sort of a group effort, but I prefer to keep it managed for now. Maybe someday, I'll find it preferable to set it up wiki-style. In the meantime, consider becoming a member and help the site grow!

Back to Stumble: if you already know, you know; if you're new, and you decide to check it out, beware - the joy can be overwhelming ;)

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