Friday, September 16, 2011

When love works

Love never fails people, only people fail people, but when people let love work - for others, or for themselves - when it's really allowed to do its magic, the results are invariably uplifting. Love is a force with the power to transform, and its effects are always improvements on its subjects. (If you disagree, then we are not considering the same thing.)

When love works, perspectives broaden, tolerance grows, and understanding clarifies. Concepts expand, difficulties ease, and joy multiplies. Complications simplify, trivial concerns lessen, and consideration deepens. I know this because I study the subject, and because I have experienced it first-hand. I am intimately familiar with the fruit of love's blessings.

My most recent and ongoing lesson comes by courtesy of a long-awaited, much-deserved, and masterfully-suited romance. I write this, in fact, to honor the very same object of my affections. Through the exchange of our mutual love, I have delved deeper into my self-discovery, strengthened my integrity, recovered latent motivation, improved my discernment, and gained broader self-awareness. With love behind the wheel, I have refined my communication skills, developed greater patience, and experienced unequaled rapture. The insights I have acquired - expanded comprehension of my psyche, greater knowledge of the person he is, and compounding glimpses into the many nuances of interpersonal dynamics - are immensely invaluable. I have undoubtedly grown from this experience, and I've witnessed growth in him, too. I believe we have a veritable garden of love to look forward to as our bond evolves.

Today marks the anniversary of this man's birth. I have abundant gratitude for the love he continuously shares with me, and I have copious wishes of exuberant joy for his magnificent being. Happy Birthday, Dear :)

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