Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer love

Well, it's official: July 5th typically marks the true beginning of "Summer" in the Pacific Northwest, and the weather forecast affirms it :) So, now that the sun is really beaming and the temperature is warm and pleasant, I get to really enjoy the rewards of being alive on this Earth! To me, growing up in this climate particularly, Summer equates to playtime. This is when I get out more, socialize more, laugh more, and smile more. I have set in motion plenty of personal growth tracks, and now, I just get to ride the rides, and sing happy songs :D

On a side-note, I've gone ahead and signed up for Google AdSense, so this blog will soon begin displaying ads. I am under the impression that they will be topic-related, so hopefully they won't be too obnoxious. In fact, I hope some of you actually find them interesting, as sufficient intrigue will bestow a monetary benefit to me :) I made this choice to start branching out on my sources of income, so that I might find sustainability while my main business continues its slow and steady growth. I trust you all will support my diversification, and I suspect there's a good chance you might also appreciate the personally selected links to specific products I believe you will regard as potentially useful.

I wish you all a bright and fruitful Summer this year - GO PLAY!!

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