Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Equinox

How fitting! Today marks the beginning of Fall, and I got a hankering to yank out all the dead foliage from a particularly dense part of my yard. I don't usually put much effort into the upkeep of the yard at my rental home, but now and then, I just can't help myself from tidying up a bit. As I worked, I realized the apt timing, and remembered that now is the season for shedding waste. I already made a Goodwill run last weekend, so I got a head start on my material life, and I got rid of a lot of used up matter today, so now I get to focus on dumping the ineffective thought patterns and counterproductive emotional processes that no longer serve me. Over the next three months, I shall strip down to my essentials, continuing to weed out my unnecessary belongings, as well as emptying my mind of impractical contents. That way, come Winter, I can repurpose my whittled possessions to better serve me, and rejuvenate those aspects of myself I have shunned or neglected, and become a stronger, more efficient Me by Spring, in time for the planting of new beginnings, before the Summer festivals for the fruits of our labors :)

Happy Fall!

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